Smokeless Snus tobacco packing machine

Snus packing machine, Filter khaini machine manufactured by sidsam group

Snus Packing machine is the best tobacco Packing machine that helps to pack smokeless tobacco in filter pouch . Sidsam Group is manufacturer of a wide range of products which include High Speed Snus Packing Machine, Snuff Packing Machine, Filter Naswar Packing Machine, Swedish.

Specification Of Tobacco Packing Machine

  • PLC Mitsubishi Japan
  • HMI Mitsubishi Japan
  • Geared Motor : Bonvario (Italian)
  • A.C. Drive : Fuji (Japanese)
  • Pneumatic : Festo (German) , SMC (Japanese)
  • Sensor : P&F (German)
  • Temperature controller : Omron PID   (Japanese)
  • Contact parts : Stainless steel 304 Food Grade
  • Auto Counting system
  • Conveyor system

2 thoughts on “Smokeless Snus tobacco packing machine

  1. Jacob Krogh Nielsen says:

    I am very interested in snuff packing machine as I am starting a new start up. I would like to know the price and whether it is a purchase or lease sent to Denmark

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