Horizontal Flow Wrap Bearing & Oil Seal

  • Solid state relays,
  • Chain driven pushers,
  • Adjustable forming Unit,
  • Horizontal track for smooth movement of “Product”,
  • Photo cell, photo electric control panel,
  • Main control panel etc.
  • Speed of pouch packing: Approx. 30-40 pouches per minute.
  • Motor with gearbox: 1.5HP with AC Drive.
  • Total load : 4KW
  • Voltage : 220 volts
  • Dimension: approx. 3200x1525x1830mm
  • Weight : net 600kg /Gross:750kg


  • Omron Japan brand AC Drive,
  • Bonvario Italy geared Motor,
  • Omron Japan PID digital temperature controllers
  • Digital Volt Meter,
  • Digital Ampere meter,

Sample product

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