Snus Packing Machine (Smokeless tobacco in filter pouch)

Snus Packing Machine Technical Details

Standard Bag Width: 12mm
Bag Length: 25mm to 35mm
Filing volume per bag: approx. 0.2g to 0.4g, (single setting only with the machine)
Lane:  Single
Film Reel Diameter: maximum 400mm
Film Reel Core Diameter: 72mm
Air Connection: 8 bar
Standard voltage: 400V/50hz 3ph +N+E
Power Supply: 3KW
Machine Body: Stainless Steel
Machine Dimension: L-75xH-70xW-36 inch
Standard Color: Steel Grey/ Stainless Steel
Packaging Material: Non woven filter paper


Speed: – 300 pouches/minute approx for weight 0.35 gms, (depending on flow rate of snus & size of pouch. And moisture content in the product)

Moisture up to 32.5%

PLC Mitsubishi Japan

HMI Mitsubishi Japan


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