Capping Machine

Production rate :   SFSCA-50 up to 50 Cans per min.
(Depending on Can and cap sizes and shapes.)
Can diameter:      35mm to 80mm.
Can Height:   20mm to 60mm. Cap diameter –20 to 45mm with suitable change parts..
Power requirement :  0.75KW

Utilities required: –

The utilities required are as follows. These are to be provided by the customer.

  1. Electric Power      –  400 V, 3 ph, 4 wire 50 C/s.
  2. Compressed air- 135 Liters Per Minute @ 5 Bar pressure



Utilizes heavy duty self lubricated and enclosed indexer for the turret movement. A single three-phase motor and gearbox drives the full machine. VFD for variable speed drives the motor.

An adjustable torque non-contact magnetic clutch is provided for long life without wear and tear. The cap tightening chuck needs to be changed when cap changes. The chuck changing is very easy and quick.

All the electrical is mounted in the control panel. The control console is ergonomically placed for convenient operation

The machine is provided with adjustable SS legs for leveling the machine in line with other machines.

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