High Speed Tea Bag Machine Heat Sealable Pouch

Sealing Type :  Heat Sealable
Features : The inner bag with thread and tag automatically
Filling Range : 1g to 5g Tea
Capacity : 100-110 (bag/min) approx.
Size of Format bag : 62.5mm*50mm
Envelope : 80mm*70mm
Thread length : Approx. 26cm
PHOTOCELL : For outer envelope
Power supply : 220V / 50Hz, 1.2KW
Total Power : 2.0 KW
Air Pressure : 6 kg/Sq Cm (200 L/Min)
Rolled paper core : Dia 76mm
Rolled paper outer : Max. 400mm
Seal cutting : Impulse sealing
Sealing cutter : 2 sets
Packing material : Food grade non-woven fabrics and nylon filter fabric.
Tea bags are individually sealed in a foil envelope.


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